Thursday, January 28, 2010

P.I.E.S Group Discussion Part 2





Waiting for bus at a bus stop

May not have enough seats at the bus stop and long waiting may cause people to be tired.

People can learn how to predict when the bus will come by using patterns.

If people wait long,they will get impatient and angry.

If you wait very long,you might make friends with new people due to boredom.

Waiting for train at railway station

Drink while waiting for the train.

You will learn to be patient.

You will be excited to reach your destination.

You can talk on the phone to the person at the destination.

Waiting for a plane at an airport

Very tired due to jet lag.

You can read books and gain new knowledge.

You will be happy as you are either going away or going back to your hometown.

You can talk to the passenger next to you about your destination.

Done by ADMTLoveee. Norullayaley, Fatin Zafirah, Helene Tan

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